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2015-Apr-6 - Zac Efron is More than a Shirtless Hunk

Zac Efron is More than a Shirtless Hunk

Five Life Lessons from Zac Efron

Zac Efron is one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood.

When you examine the large body of work this young, attractive California born actor has amassed in just a few short years, it's hard not to be impressed by his accomplishments.

Efron has won more awards before reaching the age of 30 than many celebrities obtain in a lifetime. By examining their traits and characteristics, including how they overcame adversity, we can then borrow elements from their life story and apply them to our own.

Let me preface what follows by saying Efron is not perfect no actor (or person) is. He has carried a sack of personal demons with him over the years that we often do not hear about, including struggles with substance abuse and a penchant for getting into trouble. Perhaps this is what makes the actor so interesting.

You see despite these problems, he has taken a strength based approach to positively move forward with his future.

Because this blog is all about helping you reach life goals, seemed appropriate to explore the strengths and challenges of Zac Efron a celebrity who I think has much to teach us.

Are you ready to learn some life lessons from Zac?

1. Pay attention to your gifts

Efron didn't grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth and came up in a middle class family. His father was an electrical engineer and his mother a secretary. During his teen years, his parents encouraged him to become involved with extracurricular activities. Sports didn't seem to interest him but music did.

According to an interview appearing in the Hollywood Reporter, Efron knew every word to Michael Jackson's Greatest Hits while driving with the family during car trips. His dad took notice and was impressed. And so chi hair dryer after some encouraging by his pops, Efron tried his hand at preforming.

"If you not going to play sports, you have to do something " recalls Efron about his dad's pushing him towards entertainment.

Apparently Zac listened to him and as a result, gained greater awareness into his own personal gifts. He signed up for classes at Allan Hancock College and eventually took on small parts in Peter Pan and Gypsy. He also began to do Improv with his friends and even won a few competitions.

It wouldn be long before he got noticed, successfully landing his first television roles on shows like ER and CSI Miami. From this period of his life forward, his career would only accelerate.

Life Lesson: Pay attention to your unique gifts.

2. Know your triggers and limits

When chi hair products you look at Efron's early career, you see a young man with very busy schedule. He has appeared in (or was involved with) some type of production from 2002 through 2010. When you look closely at those years, you immediately become aware that in several of years he had multiple roles.

At first glance, this might seem like a good thing, particularly for aspiring actors. In truth however, his hectic scheduled only created a situation where Efron would become burned out.

had done films back to back to back. I was burnt out." shared Efron in his interview with the Hollywood Reporter. " but surely, I was no longer living in my house. It was just hotel to hotel. So my hobbies went out the window," he added.

Not only did Efron's hobbies go out the window but so did his ability to socialize with others. He began to isolate, becoming increasingly distant from family and friends.

In order to cope, he turned to alcohol and drugs. It would take two stints in rehab to work through his addictions, something he is undoubtedly focusing on today as part of his recovery.

Addiction as we know is multi factorial in nature. And while the genesis of Zac Efron's substance abuse problems were not exclusively caused by his busy work schedule, he acknowledges its frantic and isolative nature were unhealthy, thereby acting as a major trigger.

It is important to state here that a person is never "cured" from addiction and that each day of not using is considered a victory. "It's a never ending struggle", commented Efron about his addiction in the Hollywood Reporter piece.

Today, "Zac" is very selective about the parts he takes for film and television. To the extent possible, he tries to remain low key. constantly searching for characters that are about betterment of self and betterment of others he shared. To help him better understand himself and his addictions, he has joined a 12 step group and is working with a therapist.

Life Lesson: Know your triggers and limits

Seeming more centered and focused, Efron has taken much more control over his career. While he is widely recognized as an actor, Efron recently started to step into the world of cinema production. While not a smash hit, he successfully produced his first film, (2014) with Michael Simkin.

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2015-Apr-6 - Zoot Running Shoes Review

Zoot Running Shoes Review

Founded Cheap Snapbacks in 1983 in Kona, Hawaii, Zoot Sports is a provider of multisport apparel worldwide, including compression gear, wetsuits and, of course, shoes. Zoot offers one of the only triathlon specific lines of footwear available: shoes for both male and female athletes that are ultra lightweight, durable enough for cross country running and designed to be worn with or without socks.

Zoot Racers and Trainers

Zoot top of the line racing shoes and trainers start with a super light mid sole constructed with a proprietary carbon fiber insert that provides extra cushioning and rebound, giving you excellent forward propulsion without a lot of extra weight. Uppers are constructed from breathable compression mesh that molds to your foot and allows moisture to escape, rather than being absorbed into the material and weighing you down. Made for smooth, fast transitions, these shoes are designed to be worn sockless, with no seams to irritate your foot and an antimicrobial liner that reduces moisture, odor and hot spots. Closures are made from aircraft grade stainless steel and provide a snug fit so the shoes stay put even on your longest run. Some models feature an asymmetrical, neoprene panel on the upper that provides enhanced Wholesale Hats breathability and a more custom feel.

Zoot Stability Shoes

While Zoot Sports is best known for its low profile racing shoes, the company offers some options for runners who need a bit more support. These stability shoes have a dual density mid sole that gives you added structure without a lot of extra bulk. The best option for flat footed runners or those whose feet slightly over pronate where the foot turns inward sightly beyond the neutral position on foot strike the stability shoe is also a good choice for those who are hard on their shoes. Larger runners, particularly those whose feet over pronate, may benefit from a motion control shoe with a less flexible mid sole and additional arch support.

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2015-Apr-6 - Worthington Athletes Launch National

Worthington Athletes Launch National Campaign For Coach Battling Cancer

Gussler has been at the helm for the past sixteen years, but he is taking a break from his coaching duties this season to concentrate on beating cancer.

But whether he's in the dugout or not, his influence is still paramount with his players.

"Coach Gussler taught me pretty much everything I know about baseball, and through that, he's taught me a lot about life too, said Senior Captain Tommy Pischel. says give everything you're all, no matter what. If you're not going to do it 100 percent, why do it at all.

Coach Gussler says it's all about giving back in his role as a teacher and coach.

"But more importantly I do believe it's an obligation, Gussler adds. believe we all have to live our life to the fullest, whatever profession you're in. You have to give it your best, because there are people counting on you."

The Worthington community has returned the favor, selling hundreds of Guss Strong t shirts over the past two years.

And just this weekend, a twitter campaign took off to tell his story nationwide with getgussonespn.

"When I got the tweet, it was unbelievable," Gussler said.

And in another show of solidarity and support, his varsity players all got together to shave their heads, just like their coach.

"We are going bald for the boss," said Senior Outfielder Tommy Hoerauf.

"I love it, cause it's not just about me, it's about every one of us battling, giving our best, knowing that great things can happen," Gussler said. day when I get jordan shoes cheap a text message from somebody, or a tweet or an email, that says, hey, you've inspired me, they don't realize they've inspired me, because I'm not sure I could make it without them.

told people ever since I've had cheap jordans for sale cancer, I've lived a better life, Gussler adds. terms of appreciating the day to day stuff: loving my family, loving the people around me, being kind to others, sharing all those things have become so much more important, because of all this, and these kids remind me of that when they say, hey, you've got a great message, let's send it to everybody.

The coach says he will be in the dugout as much as he can this upcoming season, whether as a scorekeeper or even a water boy but just to be there as an inspiration for his players.

want to be out there as much as I can, because, I love cheap jordans the game of baseball, he says. think it's a great teaching method, and I know the kids want me there.

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2015-Apr-6 - WTVC NewsChannel 9 Missing Persons

WTVC NewsChannel 9 Missing Persons for Chattanooga and Nearby Communities

These people are gucci outlet online missing and are being sought by law enforcement officials within the NewsChannel 9 viewing gucci outlet store area. If you wish to include someone on this web page, you must provide NewsChannel 9 with a color photograph and a copy of the missing persons report filed with an area law enforcement agency.

These people are missing and are being sought by law enforcement officials within the NewsChannel 9 viewing area. If you wish to include someone on this web page, you must provide NewsChannel 9 with a color photograph and a copy of the missing persons report filed with an area law enforcement agency.

2015, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.

WTVC News Channel 9 provides local news, weather forecasts, traffic updates, notices of events and items of interest in the community, sports and entertainment programming for Chattanooga and nearby towns and communities in the Tennessee Valley and Northwest Georgia, including in Tennessee East Ridge, Hixson, Red Bank, Signal Mountain, Whitwell, Spring City, gucci shoes outlet Gruetli Laager, Tracy City. Benton, Ducktown, Copperhill, and Ocoee, Jasper, Monteagle, Ooltewah, Charleston, Middle Valley, Georgetown, Soddy Daisy, Sewanee, Cleveland, Sale Creek, Dunlap, Dayton, Pikeville, Athens, Etowah, Sweetwater, Kimball, South Pittsburg, and New Hope; in Georgia Rock Springs, Ringgold, Lafayette, Dalton, Chatsworth, Summerville, Calhoun, Chickamauga, Fort Oglethorpe, Trenton, Chattanooga Valley, Tunnel Hill, Rossville, Lakeview, Flintstone, Fairview, and Indian Springs; in North Carolina Murphy and Andrews; and in Alabama Bridgeport, Bryant, Stevenson, Fackler, Scottsboro, Rainsville, Fort Payne, Huntsville, Madison, Hazel Green, Toney, Harvest, Athens, Tanner, and Decatur.

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2015-Apr-6 - Yandex Passes MS Bing in Global Search

Yandex Passes MS Bing in Global Search Engine Rankings

In the search engine world, there are a handful of companies that you've probably heard about and then gobs of smaller alternatives that hardly anyone visits. But in a universe dominated by the likes of Google and Yahoo, a particular Russian company is soaring up the leaderboards. Based on monthly searches compiled in November and December of 2012, comScore's qSearch report saw Microsoft sites process 4.477 billion inquiries, while Yandex handled 4.844 billion.

Not surprisingly, Google still takes the top spot with nearly 112 billion queries and a 65.2% market share, while Chinese giant Baidu was second with 14.5 billion and 8.2% market share. Yahoo's hanging in third with 8.63 billion and 4.9% market share.

You're probably wondering how this could happen after all, isn't Microsoft way, way bigger than Yandex? The answer is yes. In fact, Yandex doesn't even sell software where So Kate 120mm Glitter Grenadine it could load its engine as the default. It's likely a combination of two things happening: Yandex is becoming trendy in its native markets, and So Kate Booty 120mm Calf White Bing traction is simply stalling. Truthfully, there's little reason to use Bing over a giant like Google for most common searches, and despite loads of marketing dollars, the term "Bing" still isn't nearly as popular as "Google." In fact, many So Kate 120mm Pony Camouflage people use Google as a verb that's how you know you've arrived, evidently.

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2015-Apr-6 - Yellowknife Winter Clothing

Yellowknife Winter Clothing

Layer up. I was just there last week, averages were between 24C and 36C. I tried several different types of layer configurations, below is what I liked best.

Sidewalks are covered in packed snow and ice so christian louboutin replica good footwear is needed. I wore hiking type boots. Good traction and they keep your ankles warm. replica louboutin I wore the same socks I usually wear in temps and a pair of thicker hiking socks over them. Feet were never cold.

I have a good pair of thin gloves (Blackhawk). I kept my hands in my pockets most of the time. I tried them under a thick pair of Outdoor Reach gloves (they also have a built in removable liner) but didn stick with that because they are quite bulky once removed.

A good hat and face protection is very important. When unprotected, your nose hairs will develop frost quickly, as in, within walking a block. It a christian louboutin shoes replica prickly feeling inside your nose that is pretty strange the first time.

Coming from California, it will be a big adjustment in terms of weather. Not sure if you are already in town but if you are able to find downfilled outerwear with high percentage of downfill, it will help keep you warm. YK has been very cold the last few weeks and there is no end in sight. It is 29C today with a windchill factor of 42C. It also depends on how much time you are spending outside. If you are just hoping from the car to the store and then back, you may get away with regular winter gear. Otherwise as others have suggested, layer up with thermal undergarmets and thick jacket, hat gloves with a pair of non skid winter boots.

If you are not renting winter boots, I highly recommend something that has good traction as some sidewalks and stairs can get pretty slippery. Also, if you are planning to take pictures of the aurora, I would google about taking pictures in below freezing temperatures as moisture condensation can become a problem when bringing back your camera back to a warm environment. I think at one point, the lcd of louboutin replica our camera started to freeze up and was not able to properly display the shots, but this maybe because it is pretty old, as I did not come across others who had the same issue.

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